Life Coaching

Personalized services for your life

How can life coaching help you?

Personal life coaching will guide you to recognize your individual needs, challenges, limitations and virtues to help you achieve your goals. You learn how to make the necessary changes to improve your life.

Service packages, according to your needs:

  • Know yourself better
  • Achieve your personal goals
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Identify behaviors you want to change
  • Transform your thoughts and actions
  • Implement new and effective habits
  • Create your life moment by moment

Packages designed for you

  • 1 session for evaluation
  • Package of 8 coaching sessions
  • Package of 12 coaching sessions
  • Package of 6 months of coaching
  • Package of 1 year of coaching

Coaching for teenagers

Adolescence brings many changes and doubts that may cause teens to communicate less with their parents and act erratically. Support your teen with life coaching services and observe positive changes that will help them manage this stage with confidence and openness.

What do participants say about life coaching?

“Thank you Táyna Rivera Llavona. Your message should be heard by the entire world! LOVE”
Nitza Torres Rodríguez

“When you give the Best, you receive multiple blessings. Yoga, Life Coach. Grateful for 5 years of pure transformation.”
Brendi Gallardo

“Best Coach ever. I am growing so much. I am grateful and full of appreciation that the Universe directed me to you #lomejordeti”
Fevi Reyes

“When I met Táyna 4 years ago, I was full of guilt and doubt…She guided me to recognize that self-love was essential in my life to be able to give the best of me. So many the afternoons that she listened to me; and through her coaching I was able to grow and become a self-loving woman which I look at the mirror today with great satisfaction.

I am very grateful to have met such a wonderful person and so glad that you were willing to be my Life Coach so I could live fully and in harmony.

Thank you Táyna…I always have your example present. The journey is long, but with you as a coach, I am sure that my life will continue from victory to victory!”


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