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Táyna Rivera Llavona
Life Coach (CPC), writer,
international speaker, Yoga Sironami

Personal Life Coaching

Transformative one-on-one life coaching sessions focused on client’s needs, challenges, personality and individual goals.

Corporate and Group Coaching

These workshops provide a revealing experience that will allow participants to auto-analyze and obtain the necessary techniques to help them create the best version of their thinking, decision-making, and action process to increase productivity and discover true potential.

Give the best,
attract the best

Every day we face challenges, tests, loss and disappointment. This affects our productivity and mood in our job and daily life. What if we could use these experiences to inspire, strengthen, create the best version of ourselves and create a better life? Give yourself a new opportunity every single day. Watch this video to learn more about my workshops.



“Your lecture was the best thing to recharge my batteries for the rest of the week. I congratulate you on your book and for being such an inspiring motivator. You have an extraordinary gift and talent!”

Business Coaching

Luis García

“Your coaching is of great value for our country in times of such need. We all need your energy and optimism for a better quality of life.”

Personal Coaching

Julián Gil

(Actor) “I just finished reading your book and I was left with a pure sense of mindfulness.”


Yolanda Valenín

“This lecture has changed my life! I learned that in order to find happiness one must look first on the inside. Let’s live a life in harmony and love!”

Business Coaching

Seny Faria

“Thanks for transmitting all this LOVE! You’re the best way to start the day. I wish you the best in all your ventures transforming lives. Thanks for showing us your vision of a better world.”

Personal Coaching

Elena Iglesias

(Reporter/ The New Herald) “I just finished your book for a review. I really liked it. You have a great sensibility and an authentic and fluid narrative. Congrats!”


Odalys Villanueva

“I felt really touched with your lecture, you’ve made me think about my attitude towards life and about myself. I’m already doing some changes, thanks so much”

Business Coaching

Maribel López Rivera

“Congrats! My life is already changing. Infinite blessings!”

Personal Coaching

María Laria

(TV Presenter/ América TV) “Wow! I read the book in one sitting! Each relationship taught Marisol something different. Loved it! It’s a great book. Táyna ,you’re a genius, you have a big heart and beautiful feelings. Waiting for the second book, you’re an angel.”



“The most important lesson was understanding the importance of how details and the most simple things can helps us find the solution for transformation.”

Business Coaching

María Rodríguez

“I understood more about forgiveness and how much I need to put it in practice. Thank you for all those positive vibes.”

Personal Coaching


“I’m fascinated and moved with ’14 días de Marisol’. I must admit that I was touched by the story. I’m already waiting for the next book.”


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Guided meditations for every need. Choose between: Increase your happiness, calm anxiety, begin and create your day, sleep better and forgiveness. Available for individual and bundle download.

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