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Give your team an unforgettable experience for personal and professional growth

How can the workshop benefit your company or group?

It offers the necessary tools to become a better human being at all times. It encourages the development of virtues and inner power to create new and better experiences moment by moment; at work, interpersonal relationships, community and society. The Best of You (Lo mejor de ti) promotes auto-reflection and teaches simple and practical exercises to create a habit of giving the best in everything you think, say or do, guided by your greatest talent.


Since the beginning of the program, the evaluations and testimonials of participants, both from management and human resources, have been excellent and revealing. We recommend delivering the three workshops for your group or company.

  • The Best of You 1: Know yourself and bring out the best of you at all times
  • The Best of You 2: Healthy Communication
  • The Best of You 3: In adversity

Why the workshops are important for your company or group?

The main asset of a company or group is ITS PEOPLE! Are you giving your team what they need to face the challenges of the present and the future? This is the time to invest in your team so they can give the best, and start seeing immediate results in their productivity both at work, in their personal life and society.

The Best of You program adapts to the needs of your company, organization or group. Through practical exercises, we modify the perspective to analyze situations proactively, positively impact self-esteem, and awaken the greatest talent of each participant to transform negative thoughts into positive actions.

We focus on the aspects of:

  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Recognizing behaviors to transform
  • Create new habits
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Health management of emotions
  • Among other

What do companies say about the workshops?

“The majority of our employees, in some way or another, were able to take advantage of the workshop for their personal growth. In addition, that personal transformation has influenced their daily responsibilities and efforts to continue providing the best of them to our guests.”
Marisol Colon
General Manager
Embassy Suites

“Our team defined the workshop as excellent and described their experience as enriching and motivational. Personally, I am convinced that we will see results both in their daily life and professionally.”
Alfonso Prado
Vice President

“Our company recommends this workshop 100% to any company that genuinely wishes to help its employees gain self-value as individuals, as well as recognize they have the power to be the change in our society.”
Abby Oyola Natal
Human Resources Officer
Quest Diagnostics

“I am positive your intervention with the workshop The Best of You was a success. Thank you for all the tools that you provided to face everyday life situations and how to deal with them.”
Heidy Gomez
Human Resources Director

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