Siete: Una Historia para tu Alma


Siete is a love story. A woman trying to reinvent herself decides to visit an Ashram in the forest where she is presented with many challenges and a new life. This is the story about the search of her soul’s wishes and the seven tests she must face on her journey. Then a new adventure begins when new characters join the journey adding up new lessons, laughs and new experiences that help her find what she longed for and so much more.


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“I just finished reading your book and I was left with a pure sense of mindfulness”
Julián Gil (Actor)

“Your book is a mirror of many women who need to be reminded just like you wrote on page 101, ‘You are not a victim of life, you’re the creator.’ Thank you for this beautiful story and for helping me open my mind.”

I just finished your book for a review. I really liked it. You have a great sensibility and an authentic and fluid narrative. Congrats!”
Elena Iglesias (Reporter/ The New Herald)